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All Videos


Time out said “Raw and Vital”


DJ Rob Fiddaman - BBC Radio Stoke, The Hitmix 107.5 FM

“Really enjoyed the song” - “Ride the Wave”


Bluey from Incognito & Apple Music radio

‘I know Flex and Primo..Cool tunes”


Andy Mitchell - The Yardbirds

“sounds very groovy indeed”


Dawn Silva  “Ahhhh, honored soldier! 🔥🔥🎵🎶 ❤️” - Sly and the Family stone, Funkadelic & The Brides of Funkenstein


Dan Tenor City - Soho radio “I love the music”

Stuart Zender - Jamiroquai/Mark Ronson “Sounds Dope”

The new band Audio Strut launched on May 28th 2021. It is a gathering of artists who love music with groove: We are fortunate to have had some amazing musicians on the new album who have played with acts such as Gorgon City, Jamiroquai, Roots Manuva, Basement Jaxx, Zohar, Elton John, Joey Ducane, Lockhart and Arthur Louis (Eric Clapton) to name a few. 


It features: 
 Nathan “Tuggy” Curran on drums - (acts working with or has worked with) Planet Battagon, Basement Jaxx, Roots manuva, Gorgon city, Elton John 

Andrew Kremer bass - (acts working with or has worked with) Zohar, Jamiroquai, Lockhart, Pearl Divers, Incognito 

John Reborn guitar/vocals - (acts working with or has worked with) Pearl Divers with Jon Sa Trincha as featured on the Salinas Sessions (5/5 Dj Magazine/Sony), Joey Ducane, Miko Weaver (Prince, Miles Davis), Lockhart, Pearl Divers.

And some other special guests feature on the album..Including a special guest award winner on one of the singles.. 

Luca Pisanu - Bass on “Franc” 
 Francesco Moscato - Keys on “Franc” 
 Lew West - drums on “Give me somebody to love” 
 Leslie Craig - Backing vocals




TF Productions, 124 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

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